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Illbleed has three different life meters. Other hunters' health can be seen above their heads and the monster's health is a bar at the top of the screen, regardless of side. In the second game, it's represented by hearts (5 hearts means full health and every damage he gets makes him lose one).

CROSS×BEATS's and crossbeats REV.'s standard lifebar not only don't fail you instantly if your life hits 0%, but you clear the song as long as you have even a sliver of life at all when it ends; do note, however, that it takes a sufficient combo to raise your life by a signle tick.

Spyro the Dragon and its sequels had a creative, if basic, adaptation: The dragonfly Sparx literally served as a health meter, changing colors from Gold at full health down to green, and then disappearing entirely. In the case of the player and their party, the health bar circles around and over their portrait, then straightens out once it passes below it (Games past the first simplify the party member HP into a half circle).

In Star Fox 64 , Slippy provides the boss life meters and if he isn't around, either due to him being down or Fox being alone to fight Andross, the life meter will not show up. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combines this with Ninja Prop when one of Deadpool's Hyper Combos has him attack his opponent with both his health bar and hyper combo meter.

Dungeons Of Daggorath for the Color Computer had no visual indicator of the player's health, just a heartbeat sound that would quicken as the player got closer to death. The saucers in Attack from Mars have life bars which once depleted, open up the hole to destroy the saucer.

As you start to lose life points, the damage eats away at the barrel, wedge by wedge, as the remaining wedges change from green to yellow to red. Once his shield is gone he will lose his health rapidly, and will fall if the red bar reaches zero. Legend Of Success Joe gave the player a three-part life bar; half-empty bars would refill between stages but not fully empty ones.

In Aladdin (Virgin Games) , depending on the platform, Aladdin's health is measured by a trail of smoke coming out of the lamp in the top left corner of the screen—or by a hourglass with sand being drained, accompanied by an increasingly nervous face of the Genie.

The Doom games combined a percentile health meter with a central character face portrait that got progressively more bloody as your health website decreased. When the shield is active (the health bar's background is black), taking a hit will disrupt it, causing the health bar to glow red.

Stick Fight 's stick figure combatants have no life meter and simply take hits until they die or suffer a One-Hit Kill However, in the boss stages that occasionally show up, the player that becomes the flying boss does get a life meter that stretches across the top of the screen.

Both games feature an instant shield recharge option if you were low while using a ship that had a R2 unit. In Stern Pinball 's Star Trek , the Vengeance is shown with a Life Meter during "Vengeance Multiball"; it takes damage based on how many points the player scores.

Genpei Touma Den has a row of burning candles to represent the player character's life meter. In the X-Wing series, your ship's status is indicated with a colored silhouette of your fighter, that changes from green, to yellow, to red as the hull takes damage.

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